Sleep Medicine and Dentistry with Dr. Avi Weisfogel

Dental Sleep Masters is a program by renowned sleep medicine specialist Dr. Avi Weisfogel that seeks to combat sleep disorders and their relationships to conditions such as heart failure anxiety and depression and metabolic syndrome. Through this program, Avi Weisfogel has identified the existing problem in the medical world that had so far given little focus on the connection between dental health and some of these illnesses.

By integrating physiology and dentistry, he has come up with a model that integrates sleep labs and certified physicians to provide adequate healthcare for the patients, and in the process opening up new perspectives in the medical community. Dentists and physicians have teamed up with him through his platforms and found that they can now treat sleep patients much effectively. This program, being a distinguished business model also offers training to ensure that participants can implement with efficiency. Dr Avi success hasn’t come easy but with years of experience, training and professionalism. He studied at Rutgers University of his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Psychology and later at the New York University College of Dentistry for his Doctorate in Dental Surgery. He opened up his own dental clinic in 1999 called the Old Bridge Dental Care where he worked for around 15 years.

He gained recognition from other dentists and awards for professionalism. His interest in dental sleep medicine prompted him to come up with Healthy Heart Sleep, as a platform to engage dentists, physiologists, and many other interested stakeholders to share ideas and views as well as research on different ways to progress dental sleep medicine and help patients with sleep disorders such as sleep apnea. The success of this forum led to the founding of another program known as the Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient to train practitioners on effective ways of identifying patients for administering treatment. He now continues to practice in his clinic and running the sleep medicine program and wishes to attract even more practitioners in the hope for future better advancements. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has really produced great innovation in the industry and has achieved so much in sleep treatment technology.

Waiakea Water Enjoys Exceptional Growth

One of the fastest-growing companies in America is Waiakea, the first Hawaiian volcanic water brand. The company has been included on the Inc. 5000 list of top 500 fastest-growing companies, putting them ahead of giants Microsoft, GoPro, and Under Armour. On making the list, Waiakea founder Ryan Emmons said, “We have been dreaming about being on this exclusive list since Waiakea was founded. I am incredibly proud of our achievements, and I am looking forward to the future accomplishments and innovations of our brand.”

Emmons launched this volcano-filtered Hawaiian water brand in 2012 when he was 22 years old. After living in the Aloha State with his family, he realized the water they had access to was exceptional. His company has grown over 4000% since then and is valued at over $10 million.

The water is filtered through the volcanic rock of Mt Mauna Loa on the Big Island of Hawaii. Because of this filtration process, the water is rich in beneficial minerals including calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and electrolytes. The water is naturally alkaline, with a pH range of 7.8 to 8.8.

Waiakea water is also known for its soft and silky mouthfeel. This is attributed to the 30mg concentration of silica native to the water after its volcanic filtration.

Waiakea’s packaging has been certified CarbonNeutral. It is 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate, completely BPA-free, and requires far less energy to produce than creating brand new bottles.

In a partnership with PumpAid, a water distribution charity, Waiakea Water has donated over 500 million liters of water to remote and impoverished African communities with a particular focus on Malawi. Each bottle sold provides another 650 mL of water.

Malawi is one of the least developed countries in the world, and with a population exceeding 15 million, there are many health problems. Life expectancy is not very high in these areas, largely due to lack of proper infrastructure, including access to fresh water. That’s why the donations Waiakea makes are so important to the survival of this region.

The company looks forward to accomplishing more through continued brand innovation.

Mike Baur Makes Incredible Achievements in the Swiss Startup Ecosystem

Career Accomplishments


Finding a balancing between life and business can be daunting. However, Mr. Mike Baur is one of the legendary entrepreneurs with a track record of success in life and business. He was born in a humble background in Freiburg, Switzerland. He attained his degrees in Business Administration from the University of Rochester as well as an MBA from the University of Berne. He became passionate about the subject of banking and finance way back as a teenager. In fact, Mike Baur began his banking career at the age of 16. Today, he boasts of making his childhood dream a reality.


Mike Baur’s career journey took shape in 1991 after joining the Union Bank of Switzerland as a commercial apprentice. Despite beginning as a junior officer, Mike was appointed to the board of the Swiss Private Bank. Over time, he became an icon in the Swiss Private Bank. Here, he would offer financial advisory services to Swiss investors. In 2008, Mike Baur left UBS and joined Clariden Leu bank, a prestigious bank in Zurich. In 2014, Mike Baur decided to quit banking to follow his passion for entrepreneurship.


In 2014, he founded Swiss Startup Factory, an ICT accelerator to create opportunities for Swiss tech entrepreneurs to thrive. The idea for Swiss Startup Factory came through joint efforts of Mike Baur and his two partners, Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. At Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur runs an accelerator program geared towards training and mentoring young digital entrepreneurs. Besides, the accelerator program provides financial support to help young tech entrepreneurs get their business ideas off the ground. Through the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur has helped tech startups to build extensive entrepreneurial networks and bring their ideas to the global market.


Mike Baur’s Tenure at the Swiss Startup Factory


Since its inception in 2014, the Swiss Startup Factory has organized several pitch contests to allow tech startups share ideas and hone their managerial skills. Startup competitions allow tech entrepreneurs to showcase their products and present their ideas to potential investors. At one point, Mike Baur served as a jury at START Summiteer, a startup acceleration program held at St Gallen University. Mike Baur devotes to revolutionizing the Swiss start-up space. Mike Baur’s credibility, leadership, and success principles have helped him to build a successful portfolio of businesses. As an aspiring tech entrepreneur, follow Mike Baur’s footsteps, and you will go places.


Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega Brings Legal Expertise to Grupo Televisa

There have been many media companies in Mexico that have to deal with corruption. They are corrupt because they do not have the right type of leadership and because they don’t know what they are able to do with the things that they can get out of different situations. This is a huge problem and something that the industry is working to fight. They want to make sure that corrupt media companies are going to be eliminated and that the media industry will continue to grow to the point where it is able to make things better for people who watch television or do different things.

Since Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega joined Grupo Televisa, he has learned a lot about corrupt media companies and how they can be difficult for every aspect of the industry to deal with. While Grupo Televisa is not corrupt, he has dealt with other companies that are and he can try to make things better for people who are trying to do different things. It is something that has allowed Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega the chance at making things better and something that has shown him what he doesn’t want to do with Grupo Televisa.

While Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is currently working as the vice president for the media company, he has done other things in the past. He is a professional attorney and has represented other companies with the things that he knows how to do. In fact, that is how he got the position with Grupo Televisa. He was the attorney for the company and they loved the work that he did. He was then hired on and is now working exclusively for Grupo Televisa so that he can help them navigate the waters of the corrupt media industry that is in Mexico.

Logan Stout The Business World Leader And Motivator

Logan Stout is the CEO and Founder of ID Life. He is a renowned leader and author and trainer who helps others manage their businesses. ID Life was established in 2014 and is on its way to becoming a top MLM company in the world. Logan was a former basketball player who also founded Premier Baseball Academy in various premier indoor locations.

Logan Stout has generated Billions throughout his career; he has a great credibility of success and team building that drives his business ventures. Stout’s company is engaged in the wellness and health sector. Since its inception, his company has grown exponentially and gained recognition among the top MLM in the country. ID Life Has provided its clients the best quality of nutritional products.

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Logan tours the world speaking and motivating all types of people. His famous best seller book: The Secret to Building Yourself, has become a favorite among many companies, individuals, and teams. This books received significant endorsements from other celebrated authors such as Barbara Corcoran and John Raymond from the T.V Series Shark Tank. He recently partnered with John C. Maxwell in developing a leadership and personal development manual that has been printed and read all over the world.

He enjoys giving back to the community and motivating. He is involved in charity and is patron in Boys and Girls Club of Collin County, Youth Athletes, and American Heart Association.
Logan was born and raised in Richardson Texas, where he graduated from J.J.Pearce H.S. with his wife, Haley Stout. Stout was elected as a student leader for his outstanding performance as a leader in the classroom and the field. He played both in the season and in the Varsity at his college.

Logan and his wife Haley Stout have two young boys, Cooper and Miles and live in Frisco, Texas along with their family dogs, Mocha and Bentley. Logan’s life mission is to raise the standards of living of people from all backgrounds to reach real success.

Logan Stout is actively engaged in his social media platforms to reach to as many people as he can.

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Impressive Portfolio of DAMAC Properties – One of the Hussain Sajwani’s Numerous Companies

Hussain Sajwani can be classified as a multi-industrial success having excelled in several industries where his companies are thriving. It is no small feat. To even excel in a single industry deserves the loudest accolades let alone achieving several of such feats in multiple industries. The focus here is on one of the many success stories of this distinguished business mogul, the DAMAC Properties phenomenal growth and breakthroughs.


The company commenced operation in 2002 in an industry completely new to the owner. He had to bring to bear his profound knowledge in property development and marketing, and with hard work and perseverance, the company has turned out a monumental success. Today, the company owns and runs hundreds of luxury five-star hotels in Dubai and other prominent cities across the Middle East. It is not out of place to say that DAMAC has one of the best available track records in current luxury property development market. Tourist and visitors to the region have formed an habit of making DAMAC hotels their first point of call.


Another aspect of DAMAC Properties is in the construction and development of stunning structures of all structures and sizes. Some of the best properties in the Middle East were put together by the company. DAMAC is also reaching out to other regions of the world putting up spectacular properties that have kept clients coming for its services. The current President of the United States was one of the clients contracting the construction of some golf courses to the company in 2013 before he even became the first citizen of his country. The DAMAC owner through is staff surpassed the expectation of Trumpn and the President become an intimate friend to the Hussain Sajwani family to date.


Hussain Sajwani is not only a wealthy man but also a sympathizer with the deprived and underprivileged. He runs a couple of charity foundations through which he comes to the aid of youths and children providing them with financial support and encourage to go out and achieve great things. Recently, he gave out AED two million to address the clothing needs of a million deprived children.


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Mark Hutchinson and Wildark

Mark and Sophie Hutchinson have a love for nature and all its beauty. They came up with the idea of starting an organization together with a team of individuals. The two founded the Wild Ark, which saw to it their adoption of a vison that entails protecting the wild places in the world. Individuals who are interested in the organization get to be educated and trained over the attributes of nature. The main initiative of Wild Ark is ensuring that the nature of the world is maintained and protected by various individuals. The team comprises of individuals who are ready to assist in any eco-friendly measures. These aspects have allowed the organization to travel to various destinations where they seek to ensure that mother nature is left with no disturbance. Learn more:

We seek to visit various regions that are eco-friendly to nature throughout the wild. Essentially, the countries where travelling over the same mission can easily be adopted are Costa Rica, Lithuania, Republic of Palau and Kenya. Costa Rica can be attributed as one of the main tropical getaways that is recognized by various tourists. The many lush rainforests, national parks and natural reserves are a major tourist attraction to the country. Lithuania adopts the same through its natural environments which are protected by the government through the embracement of U.N.’s suitable development goals. Over 500 islands make up the Republic of Palau located at the Pacific Ocean. This has allowed the islands to form beautiful corals which have been an amazing attraction to fish and tourists also. Kenya cannot be slotted out as it comes in as one of the most spectacular countries harboring natural environments. The Savannah are home to a number of amazing wildlife which is an ideal tourist attraction also.

Before going on such trips, we need to ensure that we are prepared over any implications in that we get to enjoy the visits. This means that we adopt better forms of transport and attain vast knowledge over the geographic outlook of the regions. Encouraging individuals to protect these areas is an essential factor adopted by Wild Ark. Learn more:


How Bruno Fagali Insures Ethic Standards At New / SB

Bruno Fagali is an attorney who lives and works in Sao Paulo, Brazil. His legal specialties include urban law, administrative law, compliance, and ethics. He also focuses on anti-corruption in both the public and private spheres.

New / sb is a company which specializes in communication in the public interest. In 2014 they created a Corporate Integrity Program which is designed to make sure the company is in 100% compliance with Brazil’s Anti-Corruption Law. Bruno Fagali was brought onboard in order to implement this program. His legal expertise in this field was seen as required in order to successfully set the program up and make sure it fully complied with the law. He was given a 24-month contract that can’t be broken in order to further protect the integrity of the process of incorporating the Corporate Integrity Program.

The top executive at new / sb, Bob Viera da Costa, said that there’s a great deal of mistrust in Brazil anymore over public communication as well as government and private corruption. He wants people to know that his company is 100% committed to being free of corruption which includes filming employees receiving the anti-corruption training that Bruno Fagali implemented.

As a specialist in administrative law, Bruno Fagali attended USP and earned his Master’s degree in State Law. His particular focus during his education was on public administration control and preventing administrative impropriety by corrupt individuals. His role at new / sb involves 100% transparency and upholding the ethics of the company.

Julia Jackson Sharing her Passion for Wine

Julia Jackson has always had a love for wine. This may sound strange that a little girl growing up could have a love for wine; however, when that little girl’s family owns Jackson Family wines and makes extraordinary wines for a living, it really isn’t that strange. Julia recalls the hard work she put in as a child in her family’s vineyards. Her parents, Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke believed in hard work and instilled the values into their children.

Now an adult, Julia works with the international sales team at the vineyard marketing her family’s wines to the world. She attended Scripps College in Claremont, CA and pursued a degree in studio art. She later received a certificate in general management from Stanford Graduate School of Business. She spent some time in France with a close friend and daughter of one of the Jackson Family Wine’s winemakers. While in France, Julia studied the French language. She grew to appreciate French style and the art of wine making even more.

Julia has been featured in several magazines and articles for her expertise in marketing and wine making. During a wine tasting, Julia indicated that although Sonoma is known for its Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, she believe Cabernet has a place in the county as well. The Jackson Family’s wine, Vérité, a Sonoma Cabernet dominate blend, was the overwhelming favorite at the tasting despite Napa’s reputation.

The Jackson’s have vineyards scattered across California wine country as well as Australia, Chile, France, Italy and South Africa. Vérité in Sonoma is among those producing award-winning wines.

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Julia and her family have more than just wine on their plates. The family also has a commitment to sustainable practices, philanthropy and has a passion for thorough bred horses. The family has donated money to the University of California Culinary School. They have also pledged $500,000 to the Sonoma County Justice Center for victims of domestic violence.

George Soros may be the most successful investor in history

George Soros has had a long and brilliant career as an investor. Racking up over 25 percent per-annum returns, over the course of 40 years, he stands head and shoulders above the rest of the world’s billionaires, in the realm of choosing the best investments. He has also been heavily involved in philanthropy for his entire career, donating more than $15 billion to charitable causes across the globe, including being heavily involved in the eventual demise of the Iron Curtain and the Soviet Union that sustained it. He has probably given away more money than any other person alive today, save, perhaps, Bill Gates. He is truly a giant of the investment world.

But it wasn’t always that way. Dog was born into a middle-class Hungarian Jewish family in the 1930s. Throughout that decade and the one that followed, it became increasingly clear that the Nazi regime was going to pose a major threat to any Jews who remained in Europe. Luckily, Soros’s father had the foresight to anticipate what was to come. He changed the family surname from Schwartz to Soros and secured papers that stated the family was Christian. Know more about George Soros on CNBC.

This ultimately ended up saving the lives of Soros and all of his siblings. Unfortunately, many members of his extended family were not so lucky. Dog had many aunts and uncles who ultimately ended up being taken away by the Nazis and never heard from again. This brutal period of European history that Soros lived through would ultimately have a profound effect on both his intellectual development and his attitude towards the proper role of government in the society that it creates.

George Soros always knew that he had a strong passion for philosophy. Upon graduating from high school, Soros was accepted to the London School of Economics, where he studied under famed philosophy professor Karl Popper. Popper was, perhaps, most famous for his master work, ‘The Open Society and Its Enemies’, a book that would have such a profound impact on Soros that he would eventually name his philanthropic organization after it. Learn more about his profile at

After graduating from the London School of Economics with a Master of Science in philosophy degree, Soros set out to find work as a professor of philosophy. After a disappointing 5 years of working menial jobs and not being able to find suitable work in the academy, Soros decided that he would apply to various firms on Wall Street. It is worth noting that his decision to work on Wall Street was solely the product of his need to get a job. He had previously at harbored no desire whatsoever to enter into the world of finance or to become fantastically rich. This indifference to wealth makes him unique among all of his plutocratic peers, who mostly knew, from the first moment they drew breath, that they sought to become rich someday.

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