Smart Shoppers Choose Fabletics Month After Month

Everyone wants to look cute and stylish when heading to the gym or running errands. Not everyone had the time or the money to spend looking for that perfect outfit. Fabletics is the perfect website for those with busy lives, but still want that perfect outfit so they can live an active, healthy lifestyle without spending tons of time and money shopping for it. There are plenty of high-end, expensive brands to choose from when it comes to workout clothing. However, many people cannot afford those clothes. Fabletics wants to offer their members the same high quality, stylish clothing of the expensive brands, but at a price that people can afford. Their main business is their monthly subscription service.


Their business model has proven to be very successful. In the apparel industry, about twenty percent of sales are now done by Amazon. To be successful is quite an accomplishment in our competitive online world. Fabletics had grown into a multimillion dollar company in a few short years and they are now branching out into traditional brick and mortar stores. They are using a reverse showroom technique to help further their brand and offer their customers even more service options. When a customer comes in their store, the items they choose go in their online shopping cart as well. Then they can choose to buy online later if they prefer. The store works together with their website. For most retail stores, they actually lose sales when people come in their stores, but then end up buying online when they find it cheaper. Fabletics stores also help them get to know the communities they serve, so they understand the styles and trends of the area and better know what to offer. Also, about one fourth of those who come in their stores, become monthly members, therefore gaining more loyal customers to their brand. Their stores are just becoming another avenue to provide more customer service to their members.


Another reason that members come back month after month, is the incredible quality of clothing they get for the low price they pay. Their clothes look fabulous after many washings, keeping their color, shape, and compression. You can be sure to continue to get the support you need from your clothes after many workouts. When you get such great clothes at fantastic prices, you feel like a smart and savvy shopper and you want to come back for more. Fabletics goal is for their members to live healthy and active lifestyles. Their trendy and stylish clothes motivate you to live your life and look great doing it. Their clothes are so soft and comfortable, you will want to wear them all day long, not just while at the gym. It is so easy to shop on the Fabletics website since they tailor their offerings to what your preferences and lifestyle are. This saves you time shopping and browsing their entire site. They make it easy and simply to find that perfect outfit every month.

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Atlanta Hawks agree to vendor team to Grant Hill Group

Bruce Levenson is the Partner and Co-Founder at United Communications Group (UGC). Mr. Levenson also owns Atlanta Spirit, LLC. In 1977, together with Mr. Ed Peskowitz, he co-founded UGC. Before founding UGC, Mr. Bruce Levenson worked as an author for Observer Publishing and Washington Star. He has also led TechTarget, Inc. since February 10, 2015. Mr. Levenson has served as a director of the company. He has also served as Board member of Electronic and Newsletter Publishers Association. Mr. Levenson has led the Washington-based “I Have a Dream Foundation” involved in numerous philanthropic activities. He has an Arts Bachelor’s degree from Washington University coupled with a JD from American University.

The ownership group of Atlanta Hawks is working to finish the sale to a group chaired by Antony Ressler. Antony is an investment fund manager and billionaire equity. This process was led to the ESPN Sports by two people familiar with the process. They requested obscurity because they were not allowed to speak in public until the completion of the sale.

The Ressler’s group, which included former NBA players Jesse Itzler and Grant Hill, Marquis Jet co-founder, will buy the Hawks from Michael Gearon Jr., Bruce Levenson, and other investors for $850 million, Itzler’s wife, Sara Blakely, and Rice partner Rick Schnall & Spanx founder and BTIG co-founder Mr. Steven Starker are members of the reseller group. It is expected that the NBA group will approve the sale to them.

On Wednesday evening, the Hawks announced the agreement to the deal. “We are thrilled and honored for the choice to grant us the power to steward the Hawks,” Ressler said. “We respect NBA’s choice and, therefore, can utter no more than we are excited by the Hawk’s success and support them in their playoffs.” Irwin Raij, Foley & Lardner sports attorney, who facilitated the sale, said that the price was the strongest in the market.

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Cotemar – Offering Advanced And Reliable Ancillary Services In The Offshore Oil Production Business

Cotemar is one of the leading names in the shipping, maritime and energy services sector, and has a huge fleet of vessels providing ancillary services to Petroleos Mexicanos. The company offers a vast array of services, which includes food and accommodation, modernization and support of maritime operations and oil production, maintenance in marine operations, infrastructure development for oil and energy sector, and so on.



As a leading name in the offshore oil services industry, the company uses the latest technology, modern machinery and equipment, highly advanced vessels and efficient implementation of the processes to maximize productivity in oil and gas production. By providing advanced and professional services backed by cutting-edge technology, the company aims to increase its global reputation and expand its operations globally.



Cotemar is known to have one of the most efficient workforces in the sector and have a very disciplined work ethics that is result oriented and ensure its client the results they are looking for. The company also has various subsidiaries to support its operations. Apoyo Logistics, help the business to provide logistic support to its clientele through its fleet of boats and specialized vessels. It aids in transportation of light materials, fluid processing, and transfer personnel to the site.



Cotemar is known to ensure safety in all its process and has strict adherence policy to the standard guidelines for all its employees. The company is awarded various certifications that enhance the credibility of the enterprise. Few of the certifications are ISO 9001:2008, which showcases that the operations of the company are efficient and result oriented. Cotemar has also received International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate from International Safety Management. PEMEX has also provided Cotemar with the recognition of a reliable provider, which signifies the trust the company has garnered over the years from the major clientele over the years. MARPOL has also issued Cotemar with a compliance certificate, which means that the company adheres to all the six annexes on which the MARPOL judges the company.



Moreover, Cotemar has received the International Certificate for the Protection of Ships and Port Facilities. It marks that the Cotemar’s fleet of vessels take security seriously and follows the standard procedure to prevent any mishap on the security front. Cotemar offers training programs for its employees to help them understand the work ethics, guidelines, and processes followed by the company. Cotemar is very strict with its recruiting process and conducts the same in-house without any third party’s assistance.

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