Follow Kim Dao On Her Epic Voyage From Copenhagen To Tokyo

YouTuber Kim Dao recently took a trip to Denmark to attend her grandmother’s funeral. While she was there, she visited her family and traveled across the country a bit. The last video in Kim Dao’s Denmark series was called “Back in TOKYO after 37 hours | Fail vlog.” As you could tell from the title, Kim Dao doesn’t spend the entire video in Denmark. She actually vlogs her final moments in Copenhagen and then shows her plane rides from London to Hong Kong and then to Tokyo.


This vlog  ( out with Kim Dao going into a few Danish shops looking for some souvenirs to bring back to Japan. She then orders a hot dog from a food stand and a chai latte at a café called the Lagkagehuset.


She then travels to the Copenhagen Airport and takes a plane to London’s Heathrow Airport. While waiting for her connecting flight to Hong Kong, she orders lunch in London’s famous airport terminal.


After waiting for her food for 30 minutes, Kim Dao asks her waiter about where her order is. It turns out the waiter never put Kim Dao’s order for mac & cheese into the computer. Since Kim had to catch a flight in just a few minutes, she decided to cancel her order and purchase a quick snack at a convenience store.


Once she arrives in Hong Kong, Kim Dao says she has a 12-hour layover. She plans on just staying in the lounge the entire time relaxing and working on her videos


Finally, Kim Dao gets back to her apartment in Tokyo. She then goes out to meet friends to do hanami by the cherry blossoms.


End Citizens United Aims To Combat The Injustice In Political Systems In The Country

On the twenty-first of January 2017, the law was passed in the United States that has affected the course of politics in the nation to a grave extent. Citizens United V. FEC was a precedent case that was passed by the Supreme Court which allowed organizations and companies to be able to donate large amounts of money to political campaigns and parties without question. Through it seemed like a move to get more people into politics, it ended up with adverse effects on the state of governance. The ruling gave way to copious amounts of corruption in the system, whereby prominent industrialists and company owners started to use political parties as their money laundering tool. By not having their money being questioned, these people began to partake in the form of tax evasion that somehow found a way to be legal. When a person donates to a political party or a charity, they are exempted from that amount tax, thus lowering the amount that they would have to pay. However, since a lot of this money was just staying in frozen funds under the pretext of donations, only to make its way back to the donator, the ruling started backfiring on the system and the people who were affected collaterally by it.


That wasn’t the only downside of the ruling. Because of Citizens United, big and powerful people started donating enormous amounts of funds to the political parties in exchange for favors or positions in governance. Political parties, therefore, had to adhere to the notions put down by these people, for fear of their funds being taken away. This caused political parties and their candidates to start passing legislatures according to what these influential people wanted, and not necessarily what was in the best interest of the population of America.


End Citizens United is an organization that was formed to help combat these problems created by the ruling of Citizens United. A grassroots level organization, End Citizens United believes that there should be a certain amount of transparency maintained in politics, and the ordinary people should have as much say in matters of governance as people who own large corporations but don’t work for the government. They believe that individual members of the current administration have been elected solely because of this law in place. The organization is, therefore, working towards overthrowing those people and putting new qualified individuals in those roles, to better lead the political systems in the country. The issue of not having their voices heard because they aren’t rich is something a lot of people in the country face. Because of this mutual feeling of unrest, the organization has received a lot of support since it’s inception.




Hussain Sajwani’s Relationship With Donald Trump

When Trump won the elections, it was a pleasant surprise to see that among the invites to his celebration were Muslims, the Hussain Sajwani Family. Even when he has openly declared his hatred for Muslims by swearing to restrict immigration of people from 7 Muslim nations, he still is willing to partner with them in business. This move might be in some way a strategy to make people forget what he said about Muslims.

So, who is Hussain Sajwani and why has he captured the attention of US president Donald Trump. Sajwani is one of the wealthiest Arabs in the world. He is the owner of Damac Properties, one of the world’s most prestigious property brands.

His recent development, Damac hill was an initiative to construct Dubai’s own Beverly Hills. For this project, he contracted Trump’s company to develop the 500 hectare golf course. He wanted everything to be stately, including the golf course. In fact, this golf course is of the largest in the world. It was overseen by Tiger Woods himself. Read more: DAMAC Chairman Relishes His Roots | The National

Damac continues to develop properties in Dubai and beyond. As of today, the company has operations in a number of regions including Abu Dhabi, London, Jeddah, Amman and Doha. The company also employs 2,000 employees to coordinate its projects.

According to the Damac Owner, he would not be anywhere is he had feared to take risk. He vividly remembers when he quit his luxurious job at an esteemed company, only two years into the job. He decided that he wanted to follow his own path and make as much money as he would see contractors get paid. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani:

To this date, Sajwani does not regret a thing. He has been very happy with what he has achieved. Today, he boasts of a catering company that provides over 150,000 meals every day to people in Africa and Middle East. He also has a catering contract with the Central Intelligence Unit.

Sajwani is a true inspiration to entrepreneurs. His wealth has gotten him a seat with some of the most powerful men in the world. His current business relationship with Trump is hoped that it will in some way restore the trust that Muslims have in this president.

However, Hussain is adamant that he his friendship with Trump is not political, just another chance to do business to do business with a big brand.

Stem Cell Treatment at Lung Institute: A Better Solution for Lung Patients

With the rising cases of lung diseases, there is a need for reliable and manageable treatment options. For this reason, The Lung Institute embarks on extensive research to provide patients with better treatment options at all times. Stem cell lung therapy is one of the most recent approaches the facility is offering to patients. Despite numerous challenges in the treatment of lung conditions, the institution and its affiliated clinics have a record of success that rates 84.5 percent. Over 3,000 patients have received treatment for different lung conditions and have reported significant improvements in their health status.

According to Dr. Jack Coleman, a leading practitioner at The Lung Institute, Stem Cell treatment offers a platform that reshapes the medical practice in the United States and other countries. He concedes that despite the development, traditional models of application have rendered the process as slow and expensive for the needy patients. Jack notes that among the major contributors to the problem are funding and regulations in the industry. These not only makes the process of medication slow but increased overall cost is passed over to the patient hence making it expensive.

The Lung Institute has designed a patient experience that majors on safety and quality. Different treatment options are provided to cater for different diagnosis for lung diseases. The stem cell therapy process entails taking into consideration the medical history of the patient. Screening of the patient then follows to ascertain the actual problem affecting the patient, and this helps create the most suitable and results-guaranteed treatment option. The process is based on the body’s natural healing mechanism and entails drawing the stem cells from the patient’s bone marrow or blood. Afterward, they the cells are reintroduced back into the body where they rest in the lungs hence promoting natural healing and reducing inflammation.

The Lung Institute is a leading medical institution in the United States that specializes in regenerative cellular Therapy for lung diseases. Services offered cater towards pulmonary fibrosis, interstitial lung disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The institute operates clinics in Nashville, Tampa Fl, and Pittsburgh, Pa, Dallas Texas, and Scottsdale, Ariz. For more information, visit the Lung Institute’s Facebook page and website at

Hospital Copa Star: Offering Brazilians World-Class Healthcare Too

Hospital Copa Star in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is taking healthcare in this South American nation to an entirely new level. It has quickly become one Brazil’s premier hospitals because of its experienced, world-class doctors and cutting-edge medical equipment. Whether you need a general practitioner, radiologist, cardiologist or any type of internal medicine specialist, you can find them at Hospital Copa Star. This medical facility is known for the high quality of care it provides for all its patients. It has pioneered many crucial healthcare innovations found nowhere else in Brazil.

At Hospital Copa Star patients have access to a top-of-the-line ICU center manned by the country’s top healthcare professionals. They provide the quality services patients love and that leads to faster recovery times and better overall healthcare outcomes. From the time you enter the facility you will begin receiving the best care possible. Your needs will be promptly attended to and you will be housed in a large, comfortable room filled with the latest medical technologies. The rooms are private yet patients have instant access to their attending nurses and physicians at the push of a button. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.

At Hospital Copa Star the accommodating rooms put the patients mind at ease and enhance the healing process. Patients are issued a tablet computer they can use to communicate directly with the doctors and nurses, open and close their curtains, control the temperature and lighting in their rooms, and even adjust the height and positioning of their beds. It is modern healthcare at its very best. The environment at Hospital Copa Star is created with the well-being and happiness of patients in mind. The hospital has invested heavily to ensure they provide their patients the best services possible.

The technology Hospital Copa Star has, combined with the holistic treatments they offer, allows them to deal with a wide range of diseases and other health problems. Plus the advanced systems they employ enables the staff to efficiently and effectively serve large numbers of patients. The staff at Copa Star can perform magnetic resonance imaging, robot angiograph, hemodynamics and highly technical procedures including neurosurgery. The hospital will soon have a Da Vinci robot giving them the ability to conduct a wider variety of sensitive operations related to a host of medical specialties.

Proper nutrition is essential for healing. At Hospital Copa Star they have a fully kitted kitchen serving world-class meals all day long. This enables patients and their visitors to enjoy nutritious, delicious meals. This helps to ensure all the patient’s nutritional needs are met. It’s just another example of the serious commitment of the staff of Hospital Copa Star to doing everything they can to improve their patients’ health and well-being.

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US Money Reserve Inc: New Website

US Money Reserve Inc. has introduced a new website,, and is encouraging visitors to explore the website and the coin catalog. The new website serves as the new face of US Money Reserve Inc. and also has an e-commerce feature where users can buy precious metals as well. It has also been introduced as a way to help educate visitors and members on some of the benefits of owning government issued bullion and coins.


The new website has many new features included. It has an entirely new coin gallery incorporated into the online store. The online market also provides live competitive pricing on gold and silver bullion and bars.

Outside of pricing, also includes some new tools to aid in the customer experience. Some of the new tools that are on the website are the Knowledge Center, the Full Headline Gold News Room, and the ability to sign up for a free gold information kit. Learn more about U.S. Money Reserve:

The knowledge center has information regarding precious metals and the language that’s associated with examining and purchasing them. The Gold News Room provides updates on the precious metals market. And the free gold information kit provides a customer with information about the website and about gold.

Some other cool features on is a feature designed to make customers have access to customer service when they need it. The Client-Contact Advantage allows clients to have one-on-one consultations and receive special offline release and assistance.

US Money Reserve, Inc. also has an incredible buy-back policy. US Money Reserve, Inc. offers a full refund on certified orders at the current market value if the refund is requested with 30 days of the date of purchase. It also has the fasting shipping method in the industry, and is available for purchase with insurance.

US Money Reserve, Inc. is based in Austin, Texas and is one of America’s largest distributors of U.S. government issued precious metal products. The company has experts that can help clients find the products that are going to have highest profit potential for buyers at every level.

With the customer service and the features offered, there are many reasons to become clients with US Money Reserve, Inc. More information is available at

Karl Heideck; One Of The Best Litigators The Legal Industry Has To Offer

Philadelphia Attorney Karl Heideck is one of the best litigators
Karl Heideck is one of the best litigator in Philedelphia

It is known that when a person is interested or has an interest in what he/she is doing, the final result will surely be good. Karl Heideck is an attorney who loves practicing law and involving himself with any legal issues. He has been in the law industry for quite some time now and in this time; he has become an outstanding attorney and good at his job.

He offers consultation, advice and even handles litigation cases with no difficulties. He has been able to establish and cement a name for himself in the legal industry, and people look up to him for tips and even inspiration when it comes to handling legal cases.

Karl Heideck always advises people to be careful when selecting an attorney. The attorney should be highly experienced and qualified to face any legal situation. The attorney should put your interest first before anything, and this will enable more on winning the case rather than how much he/she is being paid. It is important to know you have a competent lawyer by your side and that he/she is doing everything to ensure you are safe.

In Philadelphia, Karl is highly reputable for being an attorney who cares about his clients and wins cases and litigations. He offers his services to corporate executives, individuals, and even firms. His area of expertise majorly lies in the field of litigation, risk management, and compliance.

In case you require a litigator who will help in the entire litigation case, you can rely on Karl to sought you out. Karl understands how stressful the litigation process can be and that is why he aims at making everything easier for you as his client. Heideck is well known for resolving legal disputes and providing legal solutions at a cost effective price. Heideck believes in himself, and he takes it upon himself to always ensure all his clients are satisfied with his services. These are among the things that make Karl Heideck become an outstanding litigator.

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Smart Shoppers Choose Fabletics Month After Month

Everyone wants to look cute and stylish when heading to the gym or running errands. Not everyone had the time or the money to spend looking for that perfect outfit. Fabletics is the perfect website for those with busy lives, but still want that perfect outfit so they can live an active, healthy lifestyle without spending tons of time and money shopping for it. There are plenty of high-end, expensive brands to choose from when it comes to workout clothing. However, many people cannot afford those clothes. Fabletics wants to offer their members the same high quality, stylish clothing of the expensive brands, but at a price that people can afford. Their main business is their monthly subscription service.


Their business model has proven to be very successful. In the apparel industry, about twenty percent of sales are now done by Amazon. To be successful is quite an accomplishment in our competitive online world. Fabletics had grown into a multimillion dollar company in a few short years and they are now branching out into traditional brick and mortar stores. They are using a reverse showroom technique to help further their brand and offer their customers even more service options. When a customer comes in their store, the items they choose go in their online shopping cart as well. Then they can choose to buy online later if they prefer. The store works together with their website. For most retail stores, they actually lose sales when people come in their stores, but then end up buying online when they find it cheaper. Fabletics stores also help them get to know the communities they serve, so they understand the styles and trends of the area and better know what to offer. Also, about one fourth of those who come in their stores, become monthly members, therefore gaining more loyal customers to their brand. Their stores are just becoming another avenue to provide more customer service to their members.


Another reason that members come back month after month, is the incredible quality of clothing they get for the low price they pay. Their clothes look fabulous after many washings, keeping their color, shape, and compression. You can be sure to continue to get the support you need from your clothes after many workouts. When you get such great clothes at fantastic prices, you feel like a smart and savvy shopper and you want to come back for more. Fabletics goal is for their members to live healthy and active lifestyles. Their trendy and stylish clothes motivate you to live your life and look great doing it. Their clothes are so soft and comfortable, you will want to wear them all day long, not just while at the gym. It is so easy to shop on the Fabletics website since they tailor their offerings to what your preferences and lifestyle are. This saves you time shopping and browsing their entire site. They make it easy and simply to find that perfect outfit every month.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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Atlanta Hawks agree to vendor team to Grant Hill Group

Bruce Levenson is the Partner and Co-Founder at United Communications Group (UGC). Mr. Levenson also owns Atlanta Spirit, LLC. In 1977, together with Mr. Ed Peskowitz, he co-founded UGC. Before founding UGC, Mr. Bruce Levenson worked as an author for Observer Publishing and Washington Star. He has also led TechTarget, Inc. since February 10, 2015. Mr. Levenson has served as a director of the company. He has also served as Board member of Electronic and Newsletter Publishers Association. Mr. Levenson has led the Washington-based “I Have a Dream Foundation” involved in numerous philanthropic activities. He has an Arts Bachelor’s degree from Washington University coupled with a JD from American University.

The ownership group of Atlanta Hawks is working to finish the sale to a group chaired by Antony Ressler. Antony is an investment fund manager and billionaire equity. This process was led to the ESPN Sports by two people familiar with the process. They requested obscurity because they were not allowed to speak in public until the completion of the sale.

The Ressler’s group, which included former NBA players Jesse Itzler and Grant Hill, Marquis Jet co-founder, will buy the Hawks from Michael Gearon Jr., Bruce Levenson, and other investors for $850 million, Itzler’s wife, Sara Blakely, and Rice partner Rick Schnall & Spanx founder and BTIG co-founder Mr. Steven Starker are members of the reseller group. It is expected that the NBA group will approve the sale to them.

On Wednesday evening, the Hawks announced the agreement to the deal. “We are thrilled and honored for the choice to grant us the power to steward the Hawks,” Ressler said. “We respect NBA’s choice and, therefore, can utter no more than we are excited by the Hawk’s success and support them in their playoffs.” Irwin Raij, Foley & Lardner sports attorney, who facilitated the sale, said that the price was the strongest in the market.

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Cotemar – Offering Advanced And Reliable Ancillary Services In The Offshore Oil Production Business

Cotemar is one of the leading names in the shipping, maritime and energy services sector, and has a huge fleet of vessels providing ancillary services to Petroleos Mexicanos. The company offers a vast array of services, which includes food and accommodation, modernization and support of maritime operations and oil production, maintenance in marine operations, infrastructure development for oil and energy sector, and so on.



As a leading name in the offshore oil services industry, the company uses the latest technology, modern machinery and equipment, highly advanced vessels and efficient implementation of the processes to maximize productivity in oil and gas production. By providing advanced and professional services backed by cutting-edge technology, the company aims to increase its global reputation and expand its operations globally.



Cotemar is known to have one of the most efficient workforces in the sector and have a very disciplined work ethics that is result oriented and ensure its client the results they are looking for. The company also has various subsidiaries to support its operations. Apoyo Logistics, help the business to provide logistic support to its clientele through its fleet of boats and specialized vessels. It aids in transportation of light materials, fluid processing, and transfer personnel to the site.



Cotemar is known to ensure safety in all its process and has strict adherence policy to the standard guidelines for all its employees. The company is awarded various certifications that enhance the credibility of the enterprise. Few of the certifications are ISO 9001:2008, which showcases that the operations of the company are efficient and result oriented. Cotemar has also received International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate from International Safety Management. PEMEX has also provided Cotemar with the recognition of a reliable provider, which signifies the trust the company has garnered over the years from the major clientele over the years. MARPOL has also issued Cotemar with a compliance certificate, which means that the company adheres to all the six annexes on which the MARPOL judges the company.



Moreover, Cotemar has received the International Certificate for the Protection of Ships and Port Facilities. It marks that the Cotemar’s fleet of vessels take security seriously and follows the standard procedure to prevent any mishap on the security front. Cotemar offers training programs for its employees to help them understand the work ethics, guidelines, and processes followed by the company. Cotemar is very strict with its recruiting process and conducts the same in-house without any third party’s assistance.

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