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End Citizens United Aims To Combat The Injustice In Political Systems In The Country

On the twenty-first of January 2017, the law was passed in the United States that has affected the course of politics in the nation to a grave extent. Citizens United V. FEC was a precedent case that was passed by the Supreme Court which allowed organizations and companies to be able to donate large amounts of money to political campaigns and parties without question. Through it seemed like a move to get more people into politics, it ended up with adverse effects on the state of governance. The ruling gave way to copious amounts of corruption in the system, whereby prominent industrialists and company owners started to use political parties as their money laundering tool. By not having their money being questioned, these people began to partake in the form of tax evasion that somehow found a way to be legal. When a person donates to a political party or a charity, they are exempted from that amount tax, thus lowering the amount that they would have to pay. However, since a lot of this money was just staying in frozen funds under the pretext of donations, only to make its way back to the donator, the ruling started backfiring on the system and the people who were affected collaterally by it.


That wasn’t the only downside of the ruling. Because of Citizens United, big and powerful people started donating enormous amounts of funds to the political parties in exchange for favors or positions in governance. Political parties, therefore, had to adhere to the notions put down by these people, for fear of their funds being taken away. This caused political parties and their candidates to start passing legislatures according to what these influential people wanted, and not necessarily what was in the best interest of the population of America.


End Citizens United is an organization that was formed to help combat these problems created by the ruling of Citizens United. A grassroots level organization, End Citizens United believes that there should be a certain amount of transparency maintained in politics, and the ordinary people should have as much say in matters of governance as people who own large corporations but don’t work for the government. They believe that individual members of the current administration have been elected solely because of this law in place. The organization is, therefore, working towards overthrowing those people and putting new qualified individuals in those roles, to better lead the political systems in the country. The issue of not having their voices heard because they aren’t rich is something a lot of people in the country face. Because of this mutual feeling of unrest, the organization has received a lot of support since it’s inception.