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Follow Kim Dao On Her Epic Voyage From Copenhagen To Tokyo

YouTuber Kim Dao recently took a trip to Denmark to attend her grandmother’s funeral. While she was there, she visited her family and traveled across the country a bit. The last video in Kim Dao’s Denmark series was called “Back in TOKYO after 37 hours | Fail vlog.” As you could tell from the title, Kim Dao doesn’t spend the entire video in Denmark. She actually vlogs her final moments in Copenhagen and then shows her plane rides from London to Hong Kong and then to Tokyo.


This vlog  ( yummyjapan.net)starts out with Kim Dao going into a few Danish shops looking for some souvenirs to bring back to Japan. She then orders a hot dog from a food stand and a chai latte at a café called the Lagkagehuset.


She then travels to the Copenhagen Airport and takes a plane to London’s Heathrow Airport. While waiting for her connecting flight to Hong Kong, she orders lunch in London’s famous airport terminal.


After waiting for her food for 30 minutes, Kim Dao asks her waiter about where her order is. It turns out the waiter never put Kim Dao’s order for mac & cheese into the computer. Since Kim had to catch a flight in just a few minutes, she decided to cancel her order and purchase a quick snack at a convenience store.


Once she arrives in Hong Kong, Kim Dao says she has a 12-hour layover. She plans on just staying in the lounge the entire time relaxing and working on her videos https://www.twitch.tv/kimdao.


Finally, Kim Dao gets back to her apartment in Tokyo. She then goes out to meet friends to do hanami by the cherry blossoms.