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Julia Jackson Sharing her Passion for Wine

Julia Jackson has always had a love for wine. This may sound strange that a little girl growing up could have a love for wine; however, when that little girl’s family owns Jackson Family wines and makes extraordinary wines for a living, it really isn’t that strange. Julia recalls the hard work she put in as a child in her family’s vineyards. Her parents, Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke believed in hard work and instilled the values into their children.

Now an adult, Julia works with the international sales team at the vineyard marketing her family’s wines to the world. She attended Scripps College in Claremont, CA and pursued a degree in studio art. She later received a certificate in general management from Stanford Graduate School of Business. She spent some time in France with a close friend and daughter of one of the Jackson Family Wine’s winemakers. While in France, Julia studied the French language. She grew to appreciate French style and the art of wine making even more.

Julia has been featured in several magazines and articles for her expertise in marketing and wine making. During a wine tasting, Julia indicated that although Sonoma is known for its Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, she believe Cabernet has a place in the county as well. The Jackson Family’s wine, Vérité, a Sonoma Cabernet dominate blend, was the overwhelming favorite at the tasting despite Napa’s reputation.

The Jackson’s have vineyards scattered across California wine country as well as Australia, Chile, France, Italy and South Africa. Vérité in Sonoma is among those producing award-winning wines.

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Julia and her family have more than just wine on their plates. The family also has a commitment to sustainable practices, philanthropy and has a passion for thorough bred horses. The family has donated money to the University of California Culinary School. They have also pledged $500,000 to the Sonoma County Justice Center for victims of domestic violence.