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Daniel Mark Harrison and His Busy Career

Monkey Capital is a widely known Blockchain funding company. Daniel Mark Harrison serves as the managing partner for this firm. Monkey Capital, in brief, is a hedge fund that makes SpaceX investments. It gives its attention to Blockchain systems and space contracts alike. Monkey Capital has been gaining a lot of positive notice in recent times. The market has been responding extremely favorably to the ambitious firm.

Daniel Mark Harrison is a prominent entrepreneur. That’s not his only role, however. He’s also a respected media expert and author. He serves as Daniel Mark Harrison & Co.‘s CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and Chairman. Daniel Mark Harrison Co. is a family-run office that has branches in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Thailand, and Singapore. Harrison is in charge of the office. The objective behind this office is to manage assets of all types. This international investment powerhouse has a noteworthy track record.

There’s no disputing that Daniel Mark Harrison is a hard-working professional. His responsibilities don’t end with Monkey Capital and Daniel Mark Harrison Co. He’s FinTech’s managing partner, too. Writing is one of Harrison’s strong suits. He penned a book that was called The Millennial Reincarnations. It came out back in 2015.

Harrison is a graduate of New York University located in New York, New York. He’s an individual who is devoted to his career and vocation. He’s also an individual who is dedicated to various causes that mean a lot to him. Examples of these vital causes are human rights, education, culture, arts, technology, science and politics. Since Harrison is so busy, he spends a lot of time traveling to diverse locations everywhere. It helps that he’s multilingual. Languages Harrison speaks include English, Norwegian, Thai and, last but not least, French.

This business aficionado brings a lot of great and interesting skills to the table. He has impressive expertise in topics including hedge funds, private equity, prime brokerage, investment advisory, asset management and marketing strategy. People who want to find out more about topics such as digital media, entrepreneurship and social media can learn a lot from this detail-oriented, meticulous, focused and thoughtful professional.