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The Succeful Life of Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenvert has provided a lot of success for himself in the world of business. Attending a business school in Montreal, Canada, and using his intelligence to produce a successful business opportunity, Louis Chenevert has accomplished a great many things during his life. Having worked in the general motors industry for a total of 14 years, he’s risen to the occasion becoming president and even CEO of other companies.
Time is of the essence as Louis uses his time wisely. Working for Pratt & Whitney Canada for six years, he would soon earn the title of President of the company. This comes as no surprise as he was well over seasoned in the business by this point. He didn’t stop there, as seven years after this achievement, he became Chairman and CEO of UTC, a conglomerate industrial company. This company was very well taken care of by Louis in that he brought the company through major times including a time of economic recession. The company was able to manage itself staying in it’s place of origin never having to move because of costs. This was money management and complicated business decision making by Louis Chenevert. Even with this decision the company still managed to remain the leader in market of innovative aerospace and building. All the while this is happening, there were no unfair pay wages to the employees. This speaks volumes on how well Louis managed this company.
Raising the bar was something that Louis Chenevert was accustomed to. Even though there was a time of economic recession, he did not allow his company to fall into a hole. Producing enough revenue to stay a afloat in the market was an amazing achievement. The life of Louis Chenevert is full of reward and accomplishment. None of this was achieved without hard work, and his success is an example to what anyone can achieve with the right mindset. Louis later resigned as CEO and chairman of UTC but not before receiving an honorary doctrine from HEC Montreal. Louis Chenevert has led a successful life and made a name for himself.