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Meet Gregory Aziz: National Steel Car’s Fearless Leader

National Steel Car is one of the leaders in engineering and manufacturing in North America. The company is noted as a bold leader in its field of railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing and throughout all of Canada, United States and Mexico. Headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario National Steel Car has over 100 years in business and is noted in the industry for their commitment to excellence.

The company is incredibly passionate about a team atmosphere, even being as large as they are. Their mission statement includes the fact that they never take for granted that the great people at the company are the cornerstone of their success. They strive to be diverse, innovative and a company that is truly values driven.

Engineering is a field that is in an extreme growth phase, and is an industry that is constantly evolving. Successful engineering companies must be able to pivot and embrace change and in today’s economy they must be able to consistently embrace new technology. National Steel Car’s leadership knows they must continually evolve with the shifting industry, while keeping their base priority of customer service at the forefront of everything they do.

At the helm of National Steel Car is Gregory J. Aziz. Aziz is the Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman of the Board. Greg Aziz has been with the company since 1994 and his leadership style embraces the power of employees to succeed through internal promotion opportunities, the sharing of new ideas and an open communication style. He believes that the success the company has seen is a direct result of the employees and combined determination. Read This Page for additional information.


Azis is known internally as an innovator. He is quick to embrace change from both internal team mates as well as outside sources. His philosophy is to not simply welcome and adapt to the ongoing change in the engineering and manufacturing fields, but to strive to generate their own change and put National Steel Car at the forefront of those industries and stand as a leader in change.


Gregory J Aziz is known as a humble leader who consistently puts the good of the company in the forefront of all his decision making. Prior to his work with National Steel Car, Aziz worked at his family business, Affiliated Foods, a successful wholesale food company. He then briefly worked as a successful investment banker in New York for several years before starting work with National Steel Car. He earned an economics degree from Western University.

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