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Meet Gregory Aziz, National Steel Car’s Leader

National Steel Car was founded with humble roots before growing to become North America’s leader in the manufacturing and engineering of railway freight cars. It came to fruition in 1912 when six prominent entrepreneurs started the Imperial Car Company in Hamilton, Ontario before renaming it the National Steel Car Company. 100 years later and massive growth the company still has stayed true to the vision of those six founders. They have a never wavering commitment to the highest excellence and quality in the manufacturing of the finest rail cars available in today’s North American market.


In 1994 National Steel Car was bought back from another owner. Involved in that process was Gregory James Aziz who now is the company’s CEO, President and Director of the Board. He had come to New York to work in investment banking and happened to be involved in the purchase of National Steel Company. After he joined the company there was phenomenal growth. Greg Aziz is known for his business development skill and he quickly put that to work to launch the process of growing National Steel Company into the entity it is today.


Growth was a priority for Gregory J Aziz and he had established his success early on when he worked at his family’s wholesale foods company. He joined Affiliated Foods in 1971 and during his 16-year time working with them it expanded to become a global importer of fresh, healthy foods from Europe and South America. He then helped the company grow its distribution to reach nearly all the major fresh wholesale markets in North America. Read More on This Page.


He applied that success to grow National Steel Car into North America’s leader in rail car development. In his first few years he grew the company’s production by 400%. He also focused heavily on investing in human capital during those first years to support the production growth. The company was able to increase its man power from 600 employees to 3,000 people – which contributed to economic growth in the Hamilton area and surrounding communities.


Gregory J Aziz understands the impact that having such a large company means to the Hamilton community and he doesn’t take that responsibility lightly. He is passionate about philanthropy and ensures that National Steel Car is a major sponsor for some of the city’s most important non-profits, including Salvation Army, The Hamilton Opera and United Way. Each year the company hosts a holiday party for all employees and their family’s which is looked forward to greatly by the National Steel Car community.

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