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How Obsidian Energy Ltd Has Stamped Its Roots In The Oil Sector After Re-branding

Obsidian Energy Ltd is a Canadian public oil company whose headquarters is in Calgary, Alberta. The president of the company is David L. French. This corporation has had numerous names since it was established as Penn West Energy Trust and Penn West Petroleum.


About Obsidian Energy Ltd


Obsidian Energy Ltd trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange and is listed as one of the largest companies in Canada. This firm drill oil and gas from its wells situated in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin in Alberta. Obsidian Energy Ltd also acquires its fuel from the Peace River oil sands, the Pembina Cardium, and the Alberta Viking. This company yields an average of 31,000 bbl on a daily basis.


Obsidian Energy Ltd recently changed its name from Penn West Petroleum Ltd to Obsidian Energy Ltd. It changed its name following the appointment of David French as the chief executive officer of the Calgary-based Oil Company. The reason behind the changing of the name was to detach it from the “old Penn West.” Obsidian Energy Ltd has had to make significant changes in 2017, including selling its assets to reduce its net debt. This strategy has enabled the company to regain its glory in the industry.


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The leadership of Obsidian Energy Ltd


Obsidian Energy Ltd.’s current chief executive officer is David French. This businessman took over the operations of the company in October 2016. Before joining Obsidian Energy Ltd, he worked for Bankers Petroleum Ltd as the company’s president. David French has years of professional experience and is a graduate of Rice University and Harvard Business School. He works alongside David Hendry, the chief financial officer, who has more than two decades of professional experience. David Hendry heads the finance department and previously worked for Talisman Energy Inc. Another member of Obsidian Energy Ltd management team is Tony Berthelet who serves as the vice president of operations. These executives work in collaboration with highly skilled employees. Additionally, these business leaders are gurus behind the success of Obsidian Energy Ltd. Their contributions and insights have led the company to become the top oil and gas Exploration Company in Canada.


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