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Embracing the Lean Workplace Idea Robert Thikoll’s Way

One of the best ways to bring great ideas into existence is by having some powerful strategic vision coupled with superb command over a winning team. Robert Thikoll is of the opinion that success rarely depends on individual brilliance or hard work. It is all about the ability to bring 100 percent of every team member’s brain to bear. It is all about creating a common goal that everyone can identify with and find a way to give everyone a sense of self drive towards this common target.

Even though Robert is a stout believer of team work and the role of the human employee at the work place, he still admits that technology is bound to make huge disruptions that we can’t really anticipate. Despite the effects of technology on how we share information, how we relate with each other and how we handle the workplace, human beings will always be the center piece at any workplace.

Mr. Thikoll isn’t so fast to write off the true role of individuals in the success or failure of any business or deal. He believes it’s all about humans and that the very first step to institutional success lies in understanding that technology cannot replace your entire workforce and the human resource management department.

About Robert Thikoll

Robert Thikoll is a Political Science degree holder from the Arizona State University. Apart from this, he has earned a specialization in Japanese and also minored in Asian studies while earning his Political Science degrees. He has worked in a wide range of companies, being at the very front of workplace revolutions that focus on a lean working experience.

He began working for Danaher in 2000 and has grown up to hold the VP of global operations office by 2015. Before this, he was holding the same lean experience development positions at places like Aisin Takaoka and Intat Precision.