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Exceptional investment strategies – The Oxford Club

With the mission of helping investors and entrepreneurs enjoy a productive and wealth life beyond money, the Oxford Club is a global network. The success of the investment club is attributed to the use of exceptional but tested investment strategies and principles that steadily beat the markets. The organization covers bonds, funds, real estate, currencies and equities among others and is known to outdo average returns in numerous asset classes.

Oxford Club features three membership levels. The premier membership levels that consists of members who have subscribed to any paid publications of the club. The premier is the preliminary level of membership and is renewed yearly. The director’s circle membership is the next level which covers lifelong members of the club. It is made up of entirely active investors who have the privilege of bequeathing their association to their family members for them to enjoy benefits. The third and the highest level of membership is the chairman’s circle membership and also one with the most privileges. The chairmen have access to unique features of the club’s site.

The business model of the club as outlined in the benefits that members benefit from after joining the club. Members not only have a unique opportunity to network and learn new investments but also have access to the particular investment philosophy from the club’s library of wealth-building resources. Additionally, Oxford Club associates also have access to exceptionally rated third-party financial advisors via the Club’s private pillar one advisors package. Monthly newsletters are also available to the members.

As an independent financial business with members in numerous countries around the world, the Oxford Club was founded in 1989. The organization offers top-rated investment exploration and has several affiliated clubhouses worldwide. The club believes that the most significant opportunities are found outside the mainstream press. The Oxford Club is led by CEO Julia Guth together with an executive team talented of publishers, researchers, sales and marketing persons and editors