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Jorge Moll Dedicated to the Growth of Hospital Group

Mr. Jorge Moll Filho is a Brazilian businessman and cardiologist. He is currently in his early 70s, and he lives in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro.


After Mr. Jorge Moll Filho dedicated his career to cardiology, he decided to expand and pursue business in 1997. He went on and established a company working in diagnostic imaging. Over the next five years, Mr. Jorge Moll Filho worked diligently on the company and its growth. The Brazilian business turned into a hospital and is up to date one of the largest medical institutions in Brazil. The hospital also became among the most significant laboratory operators in the country.


The business is called Rede D’ Or but it is also largely known as Hospital Group. Hospital group owns 24 hospitals across the country of Brazil which the capacity of more than 4 000 beds. Mr. Jorge Moll Filho decided to sell the laboratory subsidiary called Labs D’Or seven years ago in 2010 to publicly traded Fleury S. A. That is a Brazilian provider of medical services which purchased the affiliate for more than 400 million dollars.

In 2010 Mr. Jorge Moll Filho also acquired a hospital group headquartered in the city of Sao Paulo called Sao Luiz. The deal was made in partnership the businessman Andre Esteves and his BTG Pactual Bank.


Up to date, Mr. Jorge Moll Filho is the owner of about 78 percent of Hospital Group. A few years ago in 2013, Mr. Jorge Moll Filho stepped away from his position in leadership as chief executive officer (CEO). Mr. Jorge Moll Filho became Chairman of the Board instead.


Even though Mr. Jorge Moll Filho is no longer occupying as high of a position as he used to, he is still heavily involved in the business (ReleaseFact). Mr. Jorge Moll Filho no longer practices as a cardiologist, and instead, he is dedicated to his many responsibilities as Chairman of the Board of Hospital Group.


The establishment has been working towards further expansion for the past few years. The efforts started in 2014 after the Hospital Group secured funding from the highly esteemed organization of International Finance Corporation or IFC for short.

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