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Greg Aziz as the Leader and the CEO of National Steel Car

Today engineering works are evident in all sectors of life such as manufacturing and innovation. National steel car is one of the manufacturing company that is involved in cars innovation, engineering, and building of freight car railroad in North America. Gregory James Aziz who is the Chief Executive Officer, Chairman and President of National steel car was born in London Ontario in 1949.


Greg J Aziz attended Ridley College and majored in economics at the University of Western Ontario. In 1971 James Aziz joined a family food business Affiliated Foods which grew to become a worldwide food importer from the south and central America and Europe. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Greg was working on some investment banking opportunities in New York. Gregory James Aziz was later able to arrange for the purchase of the National steel car company from Dofasco in the year 1994.Greg had the goal of always changing the company into the top car manufacturer in North America.

Since its purchase the company has expanded its manufacturing ability from 3500 cars per year to 12,000 cars by the year 1999 and also the employment opportunities increased from 300 to 3000. This was achieved due to the company’s strong engineering abilities, capital investment and even team-building skills. It’s through his leadership that national steel car has held the honor of TTX SECO top quality awards since 1996. National Steel Car gives back to the community by sponsoring the united way, the Hamilton opera and other local charities. National steel car has designed and manufactured cars that meet and are past the changing needs of its customers and the railroad industry.


Greg Aziz believes that people are the foundation of the company’s success and this has made the company to be more diverse, dynamic and value-driven than before. His leadership ensures that the costumers trust the company by having a true sense of purpose and being true to the core values. He believes that the company will always move forward with determination and to still be on the lead. Refer to This Page.

James Aziz is a family person who is married to Irene. They are both sponsors of the most well-known agricultural fair in Canada the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. He appreciates the efforts of his team members in going on with building the best quality cars and railcars for their customers and also for the railroad industry. He also promises to continue being the best in car manufacturing in North America.

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