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How Greg Aziz Impacted the Growth of National Steel Car

When Gregory James Aziz graduated college, he chose to work for his family’s company. His parents were the owners of a mid-sized wholesale health foods distribution company called Affiliated Foods. In his college days, he was known as highly astute and intelligent. Above all, he was noticed as being a highly driven individual. Today, he serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of globally-renowned freight manufacturing company National Steel Car. However, his journey to that position came with a lot of hard work and drive.

Gregory J. Aziz’s Work History

After graduation, Gregory James Aziz started his first career at Affiliated Foods. He worked there for just over a decade. In that time, he managed to grow his family’s company into a global distributor of health foods. Affiliated Foods did work with companies from across North America, Europe and South America. They worked with nearly every major food distribution company in North America.


It was at Affiliated Foods that Greg J. Aziz got his reputation as a leader in business development. He gained a sterling reputation as someone who could use his leadership skills to grow companies into titans of industry. After leaving his family’s business Greg Aziz went on to work in the competitive world of New York City finance. It was during his time there that he connected with National Steel Car. The two parties were working on a business transaction to purchase National Steel Car back from another owner. The National Steel Car leadership team was so impressed with Greg Aziz that they brought him on to work with their company.

Greg Aziz’s Work with National Steel Car

After signing on to work with National Steel Car, Gregory Aziz went straight to work. His vision was to bring the company to greater heights than it had ever seen before. He quickly brought on a great deal of additional labor. In fact, he more than tripled the labor force, bringing thousands of additional jobs to the Ontario area. Click Here for Related Information.


Among Gregory James Aziz accomplishments, he more than doubled manufacturing of freight cars and brought in a multitude of fresh engineers. This personnel growth put National Steel Car at the forefront of innovation in their industry. The company continues to grow until Mr. Aziz’s leadership. Today, it is still North America’s leader in freight car manufacturing and works globally with companies to provide the highest quality in rail cars.

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