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Samuel Strauch And His Real Estate Venture Journeys

Samuel Strauch is known for adding innovation to the real estate industry and ready to integrate all technology advancement into his business. It helps him to be the preferred realtor in the Miami area for most of the real estate customers. Strauch does excellent analysis and has some great insights about his real estate investments. Interestingly, when he came to Miami almost 15 years back, he identified a great real estate potential in the region. Originally it was known as a hot locality for beach-side resorts, Samuel Strauch saw the rapidly growing population of the area as a potential opportunity. It was on the verge of becoming a city.

He decided to set up his real estate agency – Metrik Real Estate – based in the city. Earlier, he had made several trips to Latin American countries that helped him to make excellent contacts with influential people in South America. Strauch saw the investments in Miami as a doorstep to Latin America to expand his business and contacts. Like him, his company focuses on technological advancements to make the life of the people better. Samuel Strauch created an amazing team inside Metrik who always looks for investment opportunities in various industries. Under his leadership, the firm focuses on creating specific projects that can connect with young people who are living in a closely knit world.

Samuel Strauch is someone who always looks for industry trends and responds to those carefully. Reports have already indicated that people around the world invest heavily in the real estate sector of the United States to increase their capital in the country. Strauch communicated that he knew this fact a few years earlier and efficiently taped some opportunities given by this demand. He also added that places like Miami Beach have got some significant transformation in the recent years. The real estate rates in the region have gone three times in the last five years. Currently, the average price of Miami Beach area is at $7,000 per square meter, and people see it as a major business center along with a coastal town.

Samuel Strauch has more than 14 years of experience as a licensed real estate agent. According to HomeLight licensed agent rankings, Strauch is listed in the top 12% real estate agents in Miami Beach area who produced excellent sales results. He founded Metrik Real Estate in the year 2002 after working a brief stint in the banking industry. He completed Executive education in Capital Markets and Real Estate from Harvard University.

Visit samuelstrauch.com.mx for more information about Samuel Starch.