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Igor Cornelsen Explains The Ins And Outs Of Investing In Brazil

Brazil is on the cusp of being a great investment opportunity as its financial sector is increasingly strong and growing. One of the big Brazilian investors, Igor Cornelsen, has been closely following the market for quite a long time and says he is now ready to capitalize on it. Among the trends in this country are growing corporate profits, a calming of economic turmoil, and that China, one of its largest trading partners, is in full production mode.

There are things to know if you’ve never put your money into a foreign investment. In Brazil, there are issues that are unique to their economy and you need to be aware of these. In order to help other investors wanting to earn money in Brazil, Igor Cornelsen has broken down these issues and how to strategize around them. These tips will help people avoid the downside of investing in Brazil while achieving maximum upside, all while limiting the risk that they take.

One very important thing to know about Brazil is that they have strict currency controls in place. In practice this means that, as a foreigner, you have to locate an authorized bank in order to exchange currency. This can be confusing as multiple exchange rates are in play depending on what type of transaction you are performing. In order to use this to your advantage it is critical to research Brazil’s currency laws.

Another thing to be aware of is that personal relationships developed through networking mean everything in Brazil’s business environment. Igor Cornelsen says that most people should have a fairly easy time of developing just such a network. This is especially true with other entrepreneurs as about 25% of people in their working years in Brazil own their own business. Brazilians also tend to really enjoy talking and welcoming people into their country which means that doing an on the spot focus group is quite easy to do, or garner new ideas from other people.

Finally, new investors in Brazil should know that Brazil is heavily regulated by the government which means lots of red tape to deal with. The Brazilian market is growing but at the same time the recovery is delicate which has led to much of this regulation. Before investing in Brazil it is therefore important to do your research so that these regulations don’t take you by surprise.

A few years ago Igor Cornelsen semi-retired and now spends much of his time golfing in South Florida. However, he does still run an investment firm on a part-time basis. He helps his clients navigate investing in Brazil and they have had great results following his strategies. His years of experience navigating this market has paid off for him as well as his clients. Learn more: https://angel.co/igorcornelsen1