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Daniel Taub, The Man With Uncompromising Principles

Daniel Taub was a man with a mission. He was born in England and moved to Israel while he was a young man. He joined the Israeli Defence Forces as a combat medic. He later became the speechwriter for the former President of Israel, Chaim Herzog. That was not the end of his career. Before long, he was appointed to be the ambassador from Israel to England.


Daniel Taub said to the Queen when presenting his credentials that he loved both countries and wanted to see them both succeed. He said that he will work for the benefit of both countries. Although he had to give up his British citizenship in order to become the ambassador for Israel, he knew that it was worth it and that he would be able to better serve both countries in the position of ambassador.


Daniel Taub wore his skullcap when he presented his credentials to the Queen. This was to show that he was at core an Orthodox Jew and a religious man. This also showed that he had some core principles which he was not willing to give up on.


Daniel Taub always stuck to his principles. He helped defend Jewish people from antisemitism. He was outspoken against hate and bigotry during his time as the ambassador.


At the same time, Daniel Taub made sure to visit with people who did not agree with him as well. As the ambassador, he had the opportunity to invite many people for dinner or for a meeting. Many of them came. Despite their differing political or religious views, Daniel Taub was able to speak with them amicably and hold an interesting conversation. He always tries to build relationships with other people, whether friend or foe. He especially likes to meet and cultivate relationships with people who are known as commentators and who influence public opinion through one way or another.


Daniel Taub also makes sure to make his family a priority. His time as ambassador was the first time the entire family had been abroad for an extended period of time, and he said that he was glad that they would be back in Jerusalem together. At the same time, during their time in London, he made sure to take them out. For example, during his last days there, he made sure to explore the London theater scene. Learn more: https://soundcloud.com/danieltaub