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The Advancements of Digital Marketplaces and Malcolm CasSelle’s Investments

For many people, there is little doubt that cryptocurrencies and their similar counterparts offer new stakes and opportunities; bringing in the availability of items that a few people to a large group can own can widen the gap on how and who can do business.

Not only does this change the value of popular physical items that are highly sought after, but it also makes the pre, during and post transaction security higher and more reliable. Items and assets can be checked for authenticity and continuously moderated by WAX technology and Transfer agents inside the platform.

Algorithms inside WAX technologies, as well as the locking of tokens that belong to an item or good, work together in a review process that keeps the Guild and Transfer Agents in a consistent performance cycle. Any drop in consistency results in the goods losing value and the Guild and Transfer agents will also lose their status and monetary claims.

Not just the President of WAX, Malcolm CasSelle is also a digital and entrepreneurial star; CasSelle has been the Advisor for many companies, including Sensay, Inc., DirecTech Labs, WeRecover and VOTOCAST.

A four-year opportunity for Malcolm CasSelle at PCCW as a Founder, Advisor to CEO and Senior Vice President from 1998 to 2002, helped bring the company over $4 billion, assessing and executing products sold by the company, and creating prototypes for new products.

Another current investment of CasSelle’s is as the President and CTO at Tronc, Inc., a solutions company for multi-platform media and marketing. He assists with aiding growth in digital assets, similar to his much-successful overview of WAX.

His educational background includes a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, from Standford University and Bachelor’s of Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Malcolm CasSelle continues to make an impact with companies not just in the United States, but those in China and other countries.