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Law Enforcement Teaching Passion

Many of the people who become heads of businesses or even trainers do so after taking business courses or by working their way up through a bureaucracy. Ronald Fowlkes is different, because his extensive experience in law enforcement came first and guides his actions through every lesson to his clients and salespeople.

13 years of law enforcement have taught Ron some very important lessons about not just logistics but people. He knows what works because he knows the people who use his products, and the best ways for them to protect themselves.

When he was a police officer in St. Louis, Ron met many people and responded to both minor serious incidents. He moved on to the St. Louis Metropolitan Hostage Rescue Team because of his extensive skills in dealing with the most dramatic situations, and he learned first-hand what people are capable of.

Since then, Ron has used his knowledge and skills to direct and guide others. He was chosen to be a contractor for Department of Defense, where he helped the United States Army in Iraq. With the major part of his work being in active combat zones, Ron helped with both mounted and dismounted infantry operations.

Ron is a certified instructor in tactical rifle, which is a more specialized and complex rifle than standard ones, and which includes many modifications which are needed for more serious situations. He also also trains in shoot house, which prepares other law enforcement officers prepare for serious situations by copying what could happen in a real house.

Even when not otherwise engaged, Ron works with other elite crime fighters to bring down gang members and other serious criminals, like drug dealers. He is truly someone who works on the front line, and who looks at every activity as something that helps him to build his wealth of knowledge.

As the Business Development Manager for Eagle Industries Limited, Ron works with Law Enforcement / Commercial products. Unlike other people who work in sales, he knows and appreciates how these products can be used and how they affect the end user. His career is focused on helping his community be safe.