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Just The Right Fit: Custom Cabinets from Siteline Cabinetry

So like a lot of people, I’m in the market for a kitchen remodel. The thing is, my house is small. It’s cozy and perfect for my needs, but it’s also an old house, and the kitchen and bathroom are due to be updated and upgraded.

Looking around at options for cabinets, I discovered Siteline Cabinetry. What really caught my eye is my key priority: the ability to customize my cabinets. With a small kitchen, finding cabinets that efficiently fit my space would be tough from anywhere that just carries a stock of standard size cabinets already put together. Working with Siteline, they make all of their cabinets to order. At the same time, it’s a streamlined process, so their turnaround in getting your order out is only four to five weeks.

They also have so many options for styles. I love modern and contemporary looks, but, since my house is older, I don’t want anything that clashes with the style of the rest of the house. Looking at Siteline Cabinetry’s line, I have so many options. There’s any number of door styles, finishes and colors I could choose that strike the right balance between traditional and contemporary.

Siteline is made by the Corsi Group, an established cabinetry company started in 1973. They’re headquartered in Indiana with manufacturing in Virginia, but have authorized dealers all over the U.S. They make a point of meeting or exceeding industry standards for durability and safety. Siteline cabinets are particularly focused on a design vision for each particular client, people like me who have specific needs and desires for their homes.

I know my way around a tape measure, but that’s about it for my knowledge on installing cabinets. When you start a remodel with a Siteline authorized agent, they have all the answers, so remodeling the kitchen doesn’t have to be such a daunting task. They also have designs for storage and closets. In a house like mine, storage comes at a premium, so the more space I can utilize the better. I’m really looking forward to planning out my new custom cabinets.