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Whitney Wolfe Herd is the CRO and founder of Bumble . What is next for Bumble is the change of how people are dating today. Bumble is going to be the next dating strategy that’s going to bring many people together . Not only has this been the hange of how people are dating today. It also it’s a change of how people are beginning to form new connections and friend relationships as well. The percentage of meeting online is definitely increasing by a large number. People don’t seem to get out on the regular anymore or date like they use to back in the day . Seems maybe people are more comfortable with online dating. Numbing is all about forming new connections between people and giving people the advantage to use Bumbing for social networking . You may not have met them in person yet by Bumble makes the social networking process very easy and effectively comfortable ; it is very good for dates meeting friends or just growing your network as a whole. You can also use Bumble to make empowered connections! This is a very effective way of social networking amongst many people , even the people who are more shy or introverts this opens up a large scale of comfortability. Bumble BFF is a way for people to network to find a new best friend. The Bumble Bizz is for people who are searching to make business connections. Whitney Wolfe Herd attended Southern Methodist University . Where she maijored in international studies. She is married to michale Herd and they’re wedding celebration was hosting in Siuthern Italy . Bumble is an extrodinary app where women go first so basically the women make the moves first. This has changed the financial and is known to reduce harassment. Also… women were taking control of the platform to use it for business connections. So therefore Bumble bizz is the course the women can use to advertise and network for business connections. This is a very great connection stretegy for professional business networks but is also a very kind social networking strategy . This is such a great source of social networking and is hanging out society today because it’s a shift in the game because the women are the ones who are more in control . Statistic shown that this reduces women feeling harassed by men and there is no pressure ! Bumble is changing ways in society but in a very good way !

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